No one has ever believed in me as much as the guy that greets you at every pokemon gym.

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23 Jul 14 at 4 pm



One of the few times where Iroh is blunt as hell

Iroh was the best man

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23 Jul 14 at 4 pm

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doin a group project likeimage

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04 Jul 14 at 5 pm

I generally don’t hate doing things alone but something felt wrong about going to bed as the only person in my house last night. It was kinda depressing honestly.

katy perry: i am not a feminist
shailene woodley: i love men and i think the idea of ‘raise women to power, take the man away from the power’ is never going to work out
lana del rey: feminism is just not an interesting concept
lorde: *puts down many female artists, including selena gomez, britney spears, and amy winehouse, calling what they do “not feminism”*
taylor swift: i don’t think i’m a feminist, i don’t really think about things as guys versus girls and i never have
lady gaga: i am not a feminist, i hail men and i love men
marina diamandis: everybody thinks feminism is about hairy legged women who hate men but it’s not, it’s about equality
MARINA DIAMANDIS: i consider myself a feminist because i believe women should have equal rights- it’s just that the term feminism conjures up other things for people
MARINA FUCKING DIAMANDIS: i feel completely shocked when i hear that female artists don’t want to be considered feminists… maybe i’m being a little bit harsh and maybe people think of the term in a bad way but it just means women have equal rights